We all hate Lotus Notes

There's no shade of lipstick that can disguise this pig. The world may have its differences, but there's one truth: Lotus Notes sucks!

OK the logo ain’t bad, but it’s all down hill from here!

My friends, I’ve come to report a grave injustice. No, it’s not about Joseph Kony, or Syria,  but it’s close. It sickens me that in cubicles, offices and airplane seats across the corporate lands of Earth, untold millions are still made to suffer Lotus Notes.

Lotus Notes is IBM’s version of Outlook, and the similarities end there. Lotus Notes has a UI that is so awful, so unintuitive that you’ll day dream wistfully for the Microsoft product.  Yes, it’s that bad.

It’s not just third-rate companies that suffer Notes, I interned at a strategy consulting firm that ran all of its email, appointments and document management off of Notes! The irony of a firm positioning itself as a leader in ‘business technology’ thinking would be using Soviet-era software stares at me like some cross-eyed step child.

But who is to blame? Is it plodding IT departments that do not understand sunk and opportunity costs? Is it pitbull like IBM sales representatives that dangle licensing discounts over the necks of CTOs?  Its shocking that corporations will turn their worlds upside down to achieve greater productivity, yet after all the re-orgs, process efficiencies and team-building offsites, their workers remain mired in Lotus Notes hell?

It’s time for the tyranny of Notes to stop, it must stop. Rise up my friends, it’s the dawn of the post-PC era, let’s pledge our shields of productivity to ensure the turgid legacy of Lotus Notes doesn’t follow us here.

I’m not alone in this fight, there is a support group , and they make ‘IHateLotusNotes’ t-shirts !

Some Lotus Notes UI classics:

Get your pen and paper out kids….

All I want to do is open an email attachment…

Don’t know what to make of this screen? Its ok, nobody does.


Not convinced? Here are some more examples…

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I am the creator of Bahndr, founder of New York based app development lab, Blue Label Labs and editor at Idea to Appster. I like crepes and I am fascinated by big data.

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  • Daryl

    I despise lotus notes. I’ve never used a more convoluted, unfriendly and archaic application in my life. It makes me sick to hear lotus apologists making excuses for it, such as we haters just don’t understand it or we aren’t using it properly. To call lotus notes a POS is insulting to sh*t. Lotus notes needs to die a painful death, quick, but painful. (I would have said a slow death, but it’s taken long enough already.)