Idea to Appster is here to help mobile app startups and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into mobile app businesses. We write for a non-technical audience and we break through the technical jargon to deliver well-researched and highly relevant content meant to help app startups navigate the mysterious road of launching a mobile app business. From understanding effective mobile UI design, to cracking the monetization code of apps, to expert advice on effective app marketing, Idea to Appster is there to help an app entrepreneur through every step of launching a successful app business.

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Bobby Gill – Editor-in-Chief

Bobby is the founder of Idea to Appster, and the author of Appsters: A Beginner’s Guide to App Entrepreneurship.  Bobby is also the founder of Blue Label Labs and is an experienced mobile developer with deep expertise across iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.  Prior to starting Blue Label Labs, Bobby spent 4 years at Microsoft as a Program Manager within the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) product group. During this time, Bobby served as an engineering and architectural lead for the FIM server specializing in database and web service design. After Microsoft, Bobby worked as a Summer Associate at McKinsey & Co. where he was part of a service operations enhancement program within the high-tech industry. Bobby holds a Bachelor of Mathematics specializing in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia Business School.

Jordan Gurrieri – Editor

Jordan Gurrieri is the lead product designer and front-end developer at Blue Label Labs. Prior to Blue Label, Jordan spent 5 years working in a variety of roles within Microsoft. During his tenure, Jordan acted as a business process and systems engineer, developing line of business applications to support operational and growth activities across the company’s international subsidiaries. Most recently he served as a Senior Product Manager for Windows Live Messenger, where he drove the transition of Messenger from a declining instant messaging platform to a leader within the rapidly growing video chat category. Jordan graduated from the University of Toronto in Computer & Electrical Engineering.

Brian Hall – Contributor

Brian S Hall writes fiction and non-fiction works, with a focus on technology, learning and faith. He is an expert on how the mobile web is remaking markets, industries, business models and lives around the world. No person on Earth writes more about the power-shifting, economy-transforming, culture-altering power of smartphones. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Sara Angeles – Contributor

Sara is a technology writer based in Southern California. She has written everything from fashion and lifestyle features to tech reviews, personality profiles, and business editorials. She has worked in advertising, blog & social media marketing, and content development for startups and major brands. She graduated from UC Irvine and has a background in law, finance, and business administration. She likes penguins, dolphins, and flip flops in the winter time; Ice Blended Mochas from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, hot chocolate from Starbucks, and coffee from 7-Eleven and mom-and-pop shops; Castle, Haven, Psych and the like. Someday, she’d like to learn how to fly.

Natasha Singh – Contributor

Natasha is a former investment banker, turned programmer at the NYC startup Blue Label Labs. She likes her bourbon neat, her heels high and her variables untyped. Natasha writes our weekly “Silicon Alley Beat” listing of interesting tech and startup events happening in the New York area.